Specialising in the replacement of steel & timber windows through aluminium

About Alu Centre’s aluminium doors

There are many advantages to using aluminium doors and windows instead of wooden or steel doors and windows. Aluminium is one of the most structurally sound materials one can use to manufacture doors or window frames. Because it is such a structurally sound material, there is no limit to the size of the aluminium window frames or doors that can be manufactured. It is also resistant to the sun and will not perish or discolour, making it the perfect door or window frame material to use in extreme South African temperatures.

Types of aluminium doors

At The Aluminium Centre, we manufacture hinged aluminium doors as well as aluminium sliding doors. Hinged aluminium doors are the most common doors that we manufacture and install. They are hinged into the door jamb, either on the left or right of the entrance, which allows the doors to open either outward or inward. These doors can be installed as single doors or double doors (also known as French doors), making them convenient for both narrow and wide entrances.
Aluminium sliding doors (also known as patio doors), on the other hand, are perfect for very wide entrances, such as porch or patio entrances. They allow in more light than traditional doors, while also allowing for maximum viewing space, as they have a large transparent area and cover a wide entrance space. These sliding doors consist of either two or three panels, with one panel that remains fixed while the other panels are able to run along a roller.
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